insurance policy

“Experience Ultimate Peace of Mind: Introducing Our Comprehensive Rental Insurance Package!”
Insurance Policy:
Our first priority is to provide our clients with the option to make the plan that is best for them. Whether you are looking for an economy plan or total peace of mind has an option for you. Our  protection plan offers unparalleled coverage for your rental experience, ensuring you can drive with complete confidence. Here’s what our enhanced insurance package includes:
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW):

  • Rest easy knowing you’re fully covered for any accidental damage to the rental vehicle, with no excess payment required.

    C.D.W. is included in the rental cost and reduces the liability of the renter for damage to the car up to the amount of the excess:

    a) For Groups A, B, Maximum Excess: €800

    b) For Groups C, C1, L1 Maximum Excess: €900

    c) For Groups D,  L2  Maximum Excess: €1100

    d) For Groups K, K1, Maximum Excess: €1500

    e) For Groups D2,  Maximum Excess: €1700

    f) For Groups L3, S1, S2, E, E1, Maximum Excess: €1900

    g) For Groups  S3, K2, K3, F, Maximum Excess: 2600€

    h) For Groups S4, Maximum Excess: 3600€

    The excess is reserved for the period of the rental by a credit/debit card which must be issued under the name of the driver, and will be fully refunded after the end of the rental period,  if no damage has occurred.

    *NOTE: In the event of an accident, you must call the police and report the incident immediately, then submit a copy of the police report along with the rental contract to the rental company. CDW coverage does not apply beyond the agreed rental duration with the rental company.

Additional Insurance:

Full Damage Waiver with Comprehensive Protection (FDW & WUG):

  • Enjoy comprehensive coverage for damages to the vehicle’s underside, glass, tires, and engine, leaving you worry-free on the road.

Theft Protection with Enhanced Security (TP):

  • Protect yourself against theft, excluding cases of negligence, and travel with peace of mind knowing your vehicle is safeguarded.

Public Liability Insurance (PL):

  • Your liability is covered up to €1,000,000 for both bodily injuries and material damages, ensuring you’re financially protected in unforeseen circumstances.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI):

  • Passengers are insured up to €1,000,000 in case of accident-related injuries, while the driver is covered up to €15,000, providing comprehensive protection for all occupants.

You can embark on your journey worry-free, knowing that you’re backed by the most comprehensive insurance coverage available. Say goodbye to credit card deposits and extra insurance fees – your peace of mind is our priority. Book with us today and experience the ultimate in rental insurance excellence.

Super Collision Damage Waiver (S.C.D.W.):

  • Categories S3, S3, K2, K3, E, E1 have the S.C.D.W. option which offers a reduced excess amount. 

aFor Groups E, E1, Maximum Excess: €350

b) For Groups  S3, K2, K3, F, Maximum Excess: 400€

c) For Groups S4, Maximum Excess: 450€